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  • Announcing Bharatanatyam Classes in Santa Fe

    Announcing Bharatanatyam Classes in Santa Fe

    We arrived in Santa Fe in July, 2021 from New Delhi, India and made it our home. I am now ready to offer dance classes to children and adults in our beautiful home studio in the South Capital area. I started teaching Bharatanatyam when I was barely 19 years old myself. My guru K.N. Dakshinamoorthy…

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  • Arangetram, 1st October 2000

    Arangetram, 1st October 2000

    18 years ago on Ganesh Chaturthi, I presented my Arangetram (debut performance)under Kalaimamani Lt. Guru K.N. Dakshinamurthy, and his youngest daughter Veenu Dakshinamurthy. Looking back now, I was so fortunate to receive the blessings of such stalwarts, who lovingly came to grace the occasion. Former President of India Lt. Shri R. Venkataraman, eminent poet and…

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  • Parichay


    A hot Sunday morning spent in the cool basement studio of Kathak dancer Swati Sinha in Gurugram, inviting a group of curious minds into the world of Bharatanatyam. In an attempt to make the classical arts more accessible to people with a stressful, urban lifestyle, Swati has begun this series titled ‘Parichay’, where she invites…

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  • Hampi Utsav 2017

    Hampi Utsav 2017

    Dancers dream of performing at sites like Hampi and Khajuraho and in a span of four months, I got the opportunity to perform at both these majestic temple complexes. Hampi is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, located about 380km from Bangalore in Karnataka. It is a group of monuments mostly built around the 14th century…

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  • Passing on a Tradition: Guru and Disciple

    Passing on a Tradition: Guru and Disciple

    My solo Bharatanatyam performance at the IIC Spring Festival of Dance (Passing on a Tradition: Guru and Disciple) on the 7th of April, 2016 at the main auditorium, India International Centre, New Delhi was received well by  an audience of dance connoisseurs and critics. I presented compositions showcasing the various moods that the season of…

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  • Website inaugurated

    Website inaugurated

    What more could I ask for but to have my Guru stand by me, support me, encourage and guide me… always! I take extreme pleasure in announcing that with this blog we have officially inaugurated this website in the presence of my Guru Geeta Chandran, my parents Ashok and Bageshri Chakradhar and an esteemed gathering…

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  • Welcome to my website

    Welcome to my website

    Welcome to my new website. I think it looks great and I’m excited about sharing all things Bharatanatyam with you. I’m also starting a blog (which you are now reading, of course!) and you can expect to see details of my upcoming performances, new photos and videos posted here regularly. Please come back again. -Sneha

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